Name that movie that you love to watch while eating.

Mine is POSEIDON (Thriller) (2006)

It’s about a ship that capsized after it was hit by a rogue wave…  And about 9 of the passengers ignore the captain’s orders to wait below and instead try to fight their way up and out of the bottom of the ship.

Director: Wolfgang Petersen 

Cast: Josh Lucas,  Kurt Russell, Richard Dreyfuss and many more..

I’ve watched this movie over a hundred times, but hey! Who’s counting. 




So, I’ve watched some movies and I find they either have close story lines or related title or something similar.

In my next posts, we’ll be checking out some of these movies. 

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THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS (Adventure, Comedy)

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Lol! Okay, so I watched this 2016 movie at the office and I couldn’t control my laughter. Tears we’re coming out of my eyes. This anime is just so hilarious. I just can’t stop replaying parts of this movie.

The easy-going life of Max (Louis C.k- voice of max) gets disrupted when its owner bring home a stray who max dislikes, but in the bid to put their differences aside they get into trouble with a bunny (Kevin Hart- voice of snowball). 

Though there are murder plots, so it’s probably not suitable for 8 years and below.

Director- Chris Renaud,  Yarrow Cheney.

I’ll rate it 7.5 over 10. Y’all should see this movie and drop your comments.



Many of us have wished to leave where we are and go to somewhere different, for example, another country, another state, even another planet.

What happens when Jim and Auora are given a chance to go on a 120 years journey in a space ship hibernation pod, together with thousands of others to another planet.

Hibernation pods malfunction, they wake up 90 years too early.  They are forced to reveal the mystery behind the ship before it crashes.

The movie is directed by Morten Tyldum, written by Jon Spaihts. Awesome cast of Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt too. Kudos to them for the chemistry and energy put together to make this movie more than just ordinary sci-fi.

Will be rating ‘Passengers’ 8 out of 10. Watch this movie if you haven’t and don’t forget to leave a comment.


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Ain’t no party like a Naija Wedding party.

“The wedding party” shows all the dramas associated with Nigerian wedding, especially the inter-tribal ones. Where the two families especially the mothers who can’t stand each other, wants to show off that they got the money to lavish.

This romantic comedy directed by Kemi Adetiba has various forms of drama ranging from the playboy groom and his man-about-town groomsmen trying not to spoil the day. The sexy evil ex, devoted bridesmaids, an armed robber  and of course uninvited guests.

The picture quality is great, the comedy -awesome. This movie has top stars of the entertainment industry, the likes of Richard Mofe-Damijo, Shola Shobowale, Iretiola Doyle, Beverly Naya, Banky W, Ayo Makun, Adesuwa Etomi, Alibaba and many more. All these are what makes this movie one of the best movies of 2016.

My Opinion about this movie: Its really a great movie unlike most Nollywood stories. Very easy to relate with. Its one on my best movies of 2016. I’ll rate it an 8 out of 10. So, if you haven’t watched this movie, you should. And if you have, drop your comments about this movie.

My First blog post

Ok, so I love movies a lot. I was watching a movie one evening and my bro walks up to me and says I should start writing something, open a blog, and blablabla… and I was like, I’m not a good writer and he goes don’t tell me you are an excuse person, and i say nope. So he gave me a deadline to send him links to my blog before the end of this month.. 

So I’m thinking, what the hell I’m gonna write. So it strucks me a week after that, I love movies so why not write about movies. 

And here I am, my movie blog. 

Moviefriq is not really a review site.. It’s just about movies I recommend you to watch and many more things about movies. So it’s gonna include mostly old movies, y’all might have watched some or not.. But i tell you old movies are just the bomb. 

Lets start this journey together as we go through every movie worth talking about. 

Dont forget to always drop your comments.

Oya, pick your apoti and juice and let’s movie along.