Remember the old vs new movies?

Okay, so, Two Moves Tuesday is mainly two movies that are similar, either in cast or title or story line.

Today’s movies will be Barber’s Shop; The next cut (2016) and Beauty Shop (2005).

Barber’s shop is about the shop owners and customers trying to save their community from youth gangs. On the other hand,  beauty shop is all about trying to save the shop from being closed down and turned into a park.

These two movie tho, errrn. They really didn’t do it for me. ‘Cause of the cast, I expected something really interesting. But then the story line was just bleh. The comedy wasn’t as hilarious as i expected. I feel its too great a cast to do something really “what’s the word” i don’t want to use “lame”.

Well, I’m trashing these two movies. I’ll give both a 5 out of 10.

Which “two movies” didn’t do it for you?


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